Drago SCI is the authorized Drago corn head dealership for Southwestern and South Central Iowa. We are located in Coon Rapids, IA, just off of Hwy 141.

At Drago SCI, we provide service and support that extends further than your standard dealer, while providing a world class product, offering you….AN EXPERIENCE ABOVE THE REST.


At Drago SCI, we strive to provide you with the best support through your entire experience with us.  

Our staff will help you through the buying process, showing you the key advantages of owning the most innovative head in the industry, with the most payback.  From the automatic, self adjusting deck plates to the longer, slower velocity stalk knives the Drago corn head will be able to get more corn in your bin.  And we will continue that support throughout the seasons you own your head.


Our service department is available 24/7 providing you support not only throughout harvest but also provide assistance through our pre-season and post-season inspection programs.  Through these programs, we are able to look over your corn head and diagnose any problems or concerns before harvest begins, getting you to the field faster and avoid unwanted down time.   


Our parts department is fully supplied with any genuine Drago parts you may need.  We strive to keep our inventory fully stocked during peak times to keep you going and not waiting for a parts transfer like at other dealerships.  Another unique feature at Drago SCI is our satellite parts depots. Our depots are stocked with the most common parts you may need.  From gearboxes to bearings, snouts to gathering chains, they have everything you may need for a fast repair.  When you buy a Drago corn head from SCI, you get the “keys to the parts room.”  There is 24/7 access to these depots and they are there when the need arises.