Our parts department is fully supplied with any genuine Drago parts you may need.  We strive to keep our parts inventory fully stocked during peak times to keep you going and not have to wait for a parts transfer.  

Drago also offers a “We Have Your Back” guarantee for parts.  If you are down during harvest and the part you need is on back-order, that part and the shipping is free.  

Another unique feature at Drago SCI is our satellite depots positioned throughout our territory.  These depots are stocked with the most common parts you may need during harvest.  From gearboxes to bearings, snouts to gathering chains, they have everything you need for a fast repair.  When you buy a Drago corn head from Drago SCI, you get “the keys to the parts room.”  There 24/7 access to these depots and they are there when the need arises.